The purpose of the Promenade at Castle Rock Metropolitan District Nos. 1-3 (Districts), located entirely within the Town, will be to provide all or a portion of the Public Improvements as further defined and described in this Service Plan, for the benefit of the residents and taxpayers located within the Project. The Project consists of approximately 200.2 acres of currently vacant land surrounded by existing commercial, retail and multifamily residential development. The Project is bounded generally by Interstate Highway 25 to the east, U.S. Highway 85 (Santa Fe Drive) to the west, and Meadows Parkway and the existing Outlets at Castle Rock commercial development to the south.

2022 Transparency Notice (No. 1)

2022 Transparency Notice (No. 2)

2022 Transparency Notice (No. 3)

Cracked Rocks


Cracked Rocks

The Districts' regular meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of July and November of 2022 at 2:15 p.m. via videoconference.

Meeting Notices

November 7, 2022 Budget Meeting

Board of Directors

President: Tim O'Connor, 2025

Secretary: Kelly Goodnough, 2025

Assistant Secretary: Scott Hall, 2023

Assistant Secretary: Dustin Anderson, 2025